Yandex, Russia’s premier search engine, has overtaken Microsoft’s Bing to become the World’s 4th largest search engine, according to comScore Search statistics released last month.

The report shows search engine market share based on search requests, and estimates that Yandex had 4.84 billion search requests during December 2012, compared to Bing’s 4.48 billion. These estimates means that Yandex has 2.8% market share, compared to Bing’s 2.5%.

The data reaffirmed Google as the dominant search engine globally, a 65% Â share, followed in second place by Baidu with an estimated 8% share, with Yahoo ranking 3rd.

According to Yandex, the search engine had an estimated 60% of all search traffic in October 2012 in Russia, where the population is close to 142 million. This dominant market share in Russia along with a growing internet market in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Turkey is likely to have influenced Yandex’s position in global search rankings.

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