Pinterest moving towards a shoppable network, with the acquisition of another start-up . In June Pinterest acquired Tote who are experts in influencer shopping, and now Pinterest have acquired Math Camp this month, with the aim of harnessing Math Camp’s  apps, designed to connect people with shared tastes.

Math Camps apps include Highlight which informs friends when they are near each other, they also have photo sharing apps.

Steve Davis, lead product manager at Pinterest, said: “The team behind Math Camp are experts in building innovative mobile products to connect people with similar tastes and help them discover day-to-day images and video across platforms.

“We welcome their years of experience across engineering, product and design as we build the world’s catalog of ideas.”

Math Camp’s expertise with image sharing and location-based communications could help bolster Pinterest’s shoppable items beyond 20,000 goods.

Pinterest is also primed to increase its UK advertising – with news that it is courting brands and agencies under the pitch that it is a search engine capable of tracking the entire customer journey.