Regroup were in attendance at the Think Digital event at Google’s European HQ in Dublin last month.

It was a fascinating event, with a number of key takeouts that we thought worth sharing, namely:

  • YouTube – Google understandably are banging the YouTube drum currently – the World’s second biggest search engine and social media channel (after the un-named one!).
  • The advertising models to reach the YouTube audience are becoming ever more sophisticated and impressive. TrueView ads format is a key focus.
  • We found it very interesting how Google reaffirmed the importance of YouTube as a key channel to drive brand search volumes.
  • Google+ – Is clearly not going away, despite some commentators suggesting otherwise.
  • Google+ is still very much in its’ infancy, but image resolution and hangout are key features being pushed, to eat into the Facebook market share.
  • Mobile – One of the opening statements at the event is that mobile and tablet internet usage will overtake desktop by this time next year. A bold statement, and believable too. But highlighted in our mind, how ill-equipped many companies and brands are for the impending dominance of mobile.

All in all a great event, so thank you Google. The Peter Hinnsen presentation was worth the trip alone.

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