Google is set to release v 25 of their Chrome browser, incorporating SSL search, which will lead to further increases in the ‘not provided’ keyword data.

This is hot on the heels of Firefox, which switched to SSL last year, and iOS6 Safari browser for mobile, which also strips out keyword data from searches. It is expected that Explorer will follow suit, meaning that all of the big three browsers will strip out keyword information from search data.

What does this mean for digital marketers?

The most obvious change is that the current 20% to 30% data loss will increase markedly, meaning that the majority of data could soon be labelled ‘not provided’. This will in turn increase the emphasis on paid search keyword data – which will remain 100% intact.

It will also mean that digital marketers will need to look at alternative metrics, away from specific organic keyword data, such as key content drivers.

It’s worth remembering that a wealth of keyword data still exists within Google Webmaster Tools, meaning that it will be even more important to ensure that your Analytics is linked up with Webmaster tools.