The majority of large UK retailers are facing issues to link in-store sales with online activity according to a new study issued by Retailmenot this month.

An estimated 92% of large multichannel retailers are now selling online in the UK, and of these retailers, an estimated 59% consider a lack of visibility across channels to be one of their biggest challenges. A further 38% fail to even offer consistent pricing across channels.

Whilst retailers are beginning to integrate their in-store and online teams for a more consistent shopper experience, most marketing budgets still remain siloed.

The new study showed that 42% of UK retailers have restructured their business to bring online and in-store teams more closely aligned, whist an estimated 30% are currently transitioning to a combined retail team. Almost a quarter of retailers do not think it is necessary.

“As consumers increasingly expect a consistent experience across all channels, high street retailers simply cannot afford to stand still,” said Severine Philardeau, vice president of retail and brand solutions at RetailMeNot. “Connecting the dots between online and in-store behaviour and sales is absolutely imperative, and holds the key to improving the shopper experience and maximising the effectiveness of investments in digital and mobile marketing and promotions.”

Retailers are focused on mobile and email in particular when it comes to connecting the in-store and online shopping experience, with 77% of leading UK retailers having initiatives in place to gather customer email addresses in-store and online, in order to link together behaviour and spending.

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