The art of link building has long been misunderstood by many agencies and clients alike, we believe. There is a duality of purpose with SEO; everything we do for the purposes of increasing organic visibility, if done well, will have additional benefits, we believe.

For instance; –

·         Good on-page SEO is good for usability, the two dovetail.

·         Good link building is good for reach i.e. achieving links on sites where you can actually reach your target market.

Link Building is becoming more and more an exacting science. How can we create good quality links now, on sites that will reach your target audience?

The answer is simply by being creative. Target links have to tick 2 boxes – 1) are they relevant i.e. can you reach your audience from the chosen source, directly or indirectly? 2) Does the source have weight?

If we can meet these two criterion, then we have a sound strategy.

As an example, we have two compatible clients at Regroup, one provides upmarket heli ski holidays ( the other sells high end professional video equipment –( We put the two together, Prokit to provide the training and use of equipment, and Heliski to take amazing, unique video footage of powder skiing experiences. The results can be seen below: –

 This material is primed now to take to the skiing fraternity and high end photography/ video production communities online, to a) extend reach to both companies target audiences and b) generate some very high quality, precision targeted links at the same time.

Creativity is key.

Visit our fledgling YouTube channel here. More clips to follow.