China is the world’s biggest online market place and growing continually. We partner with specialist teams based in China to define market size, competitor landscapes, and to project potential growth for this growing market.

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Reaching the World’s biggest online market place

We believe that China presents the single biggest growth opportunity for many Western brands and businesses.The digital landscape however is very different to the West – no Google, Facebook or Twitter, instead channels such as Baidu, WeChat, Tmall and Weibo all play central roles to reach market.

We are uniquely placed to help Western brands and businesses to develop a strategy for China.

Our Services

Regroup works exclusively with Western brands and businesses to assess and quantify the opportunity in China, and to oversee implementation.

Our services cover the following areas:-
– Market Sizing
– Competitor landscaping
– Audience behaviour online
– Identifying Key channels
– Projected uplift
– Campaign execution

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