Welcome to Regroup Media

Formed by experienced marketers and technicians, Regroup is a London-based digital marketing agency committed to helping our clients define and action strategy for growth in the digital domain.

We have amassed many years experience working with some of the biggest brand names and retailers in the UK and globally, across multiple online disciplines.

We provide results based digital marketing services spanning key acquisition and awareness channels including Search (SEO & PPC), Social, Mobile, and Affiliate, for UK markets and overseas.

What we do transforms businesses.

  • Defining Strategy

    The digital landscape is constantly evolving, and it is increasingly challenging to understand where efforts are best channelled for maximum uplift.

    We provide our Clients with strategic guidance based on market sizing and gap analyis methodology, in order to prioritise key opportunities. This approach, where we take a step back to assess the market holistically, we believe is key to ensuring that strategy is maket-informed.
  • Customer Acquisition

    Producing tangible returns for our Clients is at the heart of what we do.

    Our specialist teams span all key online customer acquisition competancies including SEO, PPC, Affiliate, Mobile and Social Media.

    Working closely with our Clients, to define KPIs at the onset, we work towards targets, adocating a flexibility in approach, that directs focus to best performing activities.

    What we do transforms businesses.
  • Audience Engagement

    The permeation of Social Media in every day life has created unique opportunities for Brands to reach a far wider audience, and to talk to their audience in more engaging ways.

    Our approach to Social is based on the three main tenets central to our approach across all digital channels:-

    - Understanding the market size

    - Understanding the competitor landscape

    - Defining KPIs to meet key business objectives

    Our team of Social marketeers are able to define strategy, to execute creative and to produce actionable insights based on tracking key data sets.
  • Emerging Markets

    We believe that the single biggest opportunity for Western Brands currently is the enormous growth potential offered by increasing consumer demand from the online markets in BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) territories.

    Through established local partnerships with best of breed spcialists, Regroup provides consultancy and delivery services for Brands wishing to enter BRIC territories via digital channels.